Home Lead Paint Inspections: Special Deal for Allen Tate Customers

May 8th, 2017

Get The Lead Out, one of Carolina’s leaders for lead-based paint inspections, has teamed up with Allen Tate Realty in order to pass savings on to our customers. If you are an Allen Tate Customer in the Greater Charlotte area, you can save $25 on an inspection from our lead paint experts.

Save $25

Get The Lead Out offers qualified homeowners with a full $25 discount on our lead paint inspection services through our association with Allen Tate Realty.

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The Dangers of Lead Paint

Lead paint was a common building material in homes built before 1978. Over time, the lead paint deteriorates and begins to crack and chip. This creates dust and particles that settle in places that put adults and children at risk. Prolonged exposure can cause serious damage to a child’s liver, kidneys and brain.

Lead in Your Water

Did you know that lead can contaminate your drinking water? Lead contamination mainly comes from pipes and corroded water fixtures. Water may corrode the metal in the pipes over time and carry deposits of lead with it.

Take Advantage of This Deal

The professionals at Get The Lead Out have been performing in-home examinations for over 20 years. Our certified inspectors will report all problem areas they find and offer solutions to resolve any lead contamination issues.

To learn more about Get The Lead Out’s home lead paint inspections or to schedule your appointment, please call (704) 376-3594.­­