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Fairly recently, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has passed new rules for properties built before 1978. As of 2010, any house built before the 1978 cutoff must comply with strict practices when renovating, repairing or painting your building. Special Section 8 regulations also exist.

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Renovate, Repair & Paint

The EPA issued a rule meant to reduce the generation of lead dust and lead soil hazards during home construction projects conducted by contractors.  Since April 22, 2010, the EPA has required all contractors performing renovation, repair, and painting projects in homes built before 1978 to determine if they will be disturbing any lead-based paint.  If lead paint is present, the contractor must be certified and follow specific lead safe work practices to prevent lead contamination of the home environment.

For more information, read the EPA Renovation, Repair & Painting Rules

Section 8 Housing - Lead Paint Inspection Required

All housing receiving federal assistance must still comply with the Lead Safe Housing Rule (LSHR). Before renovations begin, you are required to determine if lead based paint is present. EPA recognized kits cannot be used. Only a certified lead based paint inspector can determine if lead based paint is present.

One Source Environmental is a certified inspector. We quickly assess if your building contains lead based paint.

Please visit the US Department of Housing for more information