Lead-Based Paint Inspections & Assessments

What is Lead-Based Paint?

Lead-based paint was produced and used before 1978. Lead is toxic to humans and must be removed as soon as possible.  Lead-based paint can have devastating effects on children under the age of six. When lead paint dust is disturbed, it falls to the floor and on windowsills.

Why Are Lead Paint Inspections Important?

Lead paint is more common in buildings and homes built before 1978. As lead paint deteriorates or is damaged, it produces chips and dust that places adults and especially young children at risk. Younger children can easily get this dust on their hands while playing and ingest the toxic substance. Prolonged exposure can lead to serious damage to the child’s liver, kidneys and brain.

How We Can Help

Lead Paint Inspections & Assessments

Lead-Based Paint Assessment Services

One Source Environmental is experienced in conducting environmental surveys for lead paint and associated hazards in dust, soil and water. We are also well-versed in performing lead risk assessment activities. Our clients seek our expertise again and again because of our proven ability to design cost-saving, environmentally effective solutions to meet their needs.

Lead Identification Services

One Source Environmental routinely utilizes X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) for analysis of lead in paint. We are  trained by US EPA and HUD accredited training providers. Comprehensive inspection reports are prepared upon completion of testing.

  • Lead Inspections for the Concerned Home Owner
  • Lead Paint Inspections for Renters (Apartment, Condo and House Renters)
  • Lead Inspections or Surveys for Remodelers Affected by EPA’s RRP
  • Real Estate Disclosure Testing of Lead Contamination
  • Property Acquisition Surveys
  • Real Estate Insurance Compliance Inspections

Lead Paint XRF Hazard Screen

This evaluation is perfect for the residential home buyer or remodeler who wants general information about the house as it pertains to lead paint and possible problem areas. This evaluation focuses on surfaces that contain lead hazards, if they were coated with lead paint. The surfaces that are evaluated with the XRF in the Hazard Screen are friction and impact surfaces or areas that are being considered for renovation.

Lead Paint Inspection

A lead paint inspection is a comprehensive analysis of the lead content of every painted surface inside and outside of the home. Our lead paint test includes professional testing with one of our licensed, experienced Lead Assessors, along with a comprehensive inspection report that will contain the lead paint findings from your home.

Lead Hazard Risk Assessment

One Source Environmental can prepare comprehensive lead risk assessments to comply with insurance agency requests and public housing authority requirements. This program investigates a facility for potential sources of lead contamination. Lead identification includes the determination of lead in deteriorated painted surfaces (interior and exterior surfaces), settled dust, soil and (if requested) drinking water of a property. The results are compared to federal, state, local, and industry standards and the culmination of observed results aid in developing a risk factor for the subject site.

Lead Paint Risk Assessment / Inspection Combination

For clients that are especially concerned about possible lead paint hazards, this is the most comprehensive evaluation available. Not only does this analysis provide the services of a lead paint inspection (lead concentration mapping of painted surfaces), but a full evaluation of current hazards is also performed.

To evaluate current lead hazards, lead dust wipe samples are taken from surfaces within rooms where children are most likely to be. Results obtained from these samples will give an indication as to how much lead-containing dust (or small paint chips) is accessible for potential exposure. Soil samples will also be taken from any bare soil observed along the “drip-line” of the house or in children’s play areas. If requested, a sampling of the water in the plumbing system will also be performed to determine if any lead is found in the water supply of the house.

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